Sketch the Art Cow

Sketch the Cow is one of the founding wizards of TinyTIM (with Trout.Complex). He has been a wizard since March of 1990, and regrets very little in general about the whole process. Even all these years later, he still spends hours a day on TIM, causing no small amount of consternation to the TIM populace at large, but also serving as living proof that it's very hard to escape TIM's clutches, even if a large rock hit your head and you wanted to.

Sketch is TIM's closest thing to an "Official Artist", and does a wide variety of drawings, music, and text-writing for the game. Among his proudest achievements have been the multitude of TIMshirts that TIMsters wear at parties and family gatherings, and the TinyTIM Help Facility. His turnaround time on user-requested projects is legendary; some projects are 3 years old and counting. Hence, don't go to the Cow with deadlines.

The only way to really document a system like MUSH is to learn the language as well as you possibly can, and Sketch has been studying the stupid thing for years, now. Some of his works have even won some (dubious) awards. While he was originally Object #265 in the Database, he is current Object #500, due to an extremely funny story.

Other projects abound in the old cow's life, as well. In 1995, Sketch went whole hog (so to speak) with this cow thing, and started an ISP (Internet Service Provider) called or COWZ. The entire theme was bovine in nature, even down to the phone number (1-617-COW-TOWN). Of course, the entire mess has lost thousands of dollars over the years, but that's what the Internet is all about! Since then, of course, Sketch has gotten himself a nice job and can afford to maintain COWZ as a hobby. This translates to nothing different or weird for his users, but does mean that Sketch is experiencing a ton less stress.

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