The Most Splendiferous Page of R'nice Modifications

This is not a comprehensive list of R'nice's code additions to TinyTIM, but if you're coming off of another game, here are some of the more radical departures that TinyTIM has made over the years, and which you should be aware of.

Warning! We think R'nice rules. If you're looking for academic criticism of his coding, you're in the way wrong place. If you like reading huge amounts of praise and accolades, hey! Dig in!

Just some of the funky stuff the most Excellent R'nice has blessed us with:


TinyTIM was the first to implement true use of all five senses. Whereas before you could only really Look at things, now you can Taste, Touch, Smell, and Listen to things as well.

Multiple-Location Awareness

You can declare exits to be "Open" or "Transparent", meaning you can Look through them and see the other Location, as if the two are near each other. You can also hear what's going on in the next room. Also, if you Yell, your voice can carry through multiple exits and rooms. You can even "Muffle" and "Blur" what comes through those exits, so instead of explicit information, you will only simple notification that movement or sound is elsewhere. This is all configurable by the programmer/builder, of course.

Wearing and Holding

Besides just carrying stuff, you can also Wear and Hold things (as well as Remove and Stow them, of course). It is possible to have it so people only see what you're wearing and holding, and not what you're just carrying. Very realistic-feeling. You can also change all the messages associated with the wearing and holding, allowing you to imitate containers and surfaces!


The ability to put messages after your entry in the WHO list was started on TinyTIM, implemented at the suggestion of a user. Think how bland the planet would be without the ability to write the words "Doing: TinySex" after your name!


On TinyTIM, once you do something to a Thing, you can say <Command> IT and TIM will know what you're talking about, most of the time. For instance: Look Really Interestingly Named Thing. Then, you can Smell It, Taste It, Touch It. TinyTIM will know you mean the Really Interestingly Named Thing. Intuitive! Worth an applause in itself.

Indirect Locks

The Lock on a Thing can actually be set to "My Lock is whatever That Thing's Lock is", so that if you change one thing's lock, all the indirect things locked to it change automatically! R'nice was there first, lightly warming his hands by the coding fire while others were just packing their coding backpacks.


Like other MUSH-Style games, TinyTIM lets users build new functions by combinations of old functions. Here, we were late coming into the pack. But once we were there, what a splash we made! TinyTIM lets you declare other Objects to be the sources of User Defined Functions, so if a Function doesn't match anything, it will check those objects too, making the entire process transparent! (We call these Attribute Aliases and Attribute Functions. These are pretty involved, and you may want to look them up using our Help system).

@Installed Exits

Instead of all sorts of message attributes to describe what others see when you teleport, move around, or attempt custom commands, we instead let you declare an Exit to become part of an Object or Player on the game, and set all the messages on that, and in a lot of cases have a destination that typing that command will send you to. Very powerful.

TinyTIM's Help Facility contains many Help Files that explain in explicit, all-encompassing details how these features work. Many of these things came completely from the depths of R'nice's mind. Kind of makes you hesitant about rooting around up there with a flashlight.

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