[Really cool drawing of Emp on a bicycle built for two]
(Check out the full-size version of this picture)

Empedocles, wizard of TinyTIM is at your service. Emp is a "Paratwa" (from Christopher Hinz' Liege-Killer series, for those who must know), and so is basically one mind who happens to have two bodies (sorta like most people have two hands). Empedocles' bodies (or "tways") are male and female respectively (Gillian and Catharine, when considered separately) and so Emp's gender depends mostly on state of mind at the time. So sometimes Empedocles is male and sometimes female; but always looks the same and is as friendly as ever.

Emp's most famous construction is Empedocles' House of Ill-Repute, the best little whorehouse in TIM, where the customer often comes first. Stop by and pass the time, bring some friends!

Being a wizard, Emp is there to help you out; don't hesitate to page if you need help or a few extra pennies.

Emp's also responsible for putting together all these WWW pages, so send comments, questions, and offers of eternal servitude straight to the Paratwa-to-blame.