What the Hell is TinyTIM?

A Short Introduction/Starting Point for our Happy Little Home

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Spending 15 hours a Day Typing

TinyTIM is a really big thing, like the Postal Service or Premarital Sex. It is what's called a MUSH, a Multi-User Shared Hallucination. A MUSH is essentially a very large adventure game where you can see other people playing it at the same time. There is a list of the most Frequently-Asked Questions about MUDs, and, ideally some answers as well. What follows are facts about TinyTIM specifically, and a great place to start learning about our unique approach.

TinyTIM was started as a prank on the gnu.ai.mit.edu machine in 1990, and through the help and insanity of dozens of people, has grown into one of the largest free-standing structures on the Internet. TinyTIM is addictive. We're fun. We're wacky. We're running on a Sparcstation that's painted like a cow.

In TinyTIM, you take the guise of a "Character", which you provide descriptions and information about. Through the eyes of this Character, you travel from Place to Place on TIM, and collect pieces of cheese. Also, you can add your own places to the world of TIM that others can explore and play with, like cheese.

Cheese is important, you know. Without cheese, a large portion of the Internet's usefulness simply wouldn't exist. Fiber-optic cheese, LAN cheese, and importantly, TCP/IP, Technical Cheese Protocol, which

We apologize for the distinct cheese theme that has pervaded this documentative narrative about TinyTIM. TinyTIM in fact has very little cheese, and does not endorse the use of cheese in place of good solid American telecommunications products. The writer of the above paragraphs has been fired. Thank you. We now return to this informative narrative, entitled "What the Hell is TinyTIM?"

Using TinyTIM is a snap. There is a extensive Help Facility, and there are usually administrative-type folks, called "Wizards", who can assist you with most anything, most importantly your cheese
We apologize for the return of the cheese theme. The writer who replaced the other writer has been fired as well. We now return to the narrative.
TinyTIM's software is unique. We used to run off Vanilla TinyMUD code, for roughly the first 6 months of our existence. We switched over to MUSH around that time, and there began our 3 year (and growing) relationship with R'nice, who has brought into being some of the most Glorious Holy Code in the name of TIM. The current TinyTIM program is based off of MUSH v1.0, with Heavy modifications by R'nice across the years.

We have no distinct "Theme", except to be goofy, and have fun. Our rules (insofar as you can call them that) are really simple; their flavor given in a document called "Things that Suck". TinyTIM has no enforced role-playing, and we let you add programming and building to us, pretty much all you want. However, even such a fun place as TIM can't satisfy everyone, and so there are a few sparse reasons why you shouldn't go there. On the whole, though, we tend to make everyone really happy. Everyone finds their own way to have a blast.

TinyTIM is huge. There are over 9,000 different Rooms online, and an average of 2,000 players, 25-40 or so online at any one time. Information about the layout of TinyTIM is available for you to read about, as well as small blurbs about the various fun things you'll find. However, we can't cover everything you'll find, and sometimes just wandering everywhere is the best way to discover great things, like the excellent cheese products that litter the streets and byways. TIM has always been a haven for cheese, in times of war, when our brave young boys would go off to fight, many never to return to the hills of cheese and wheat. It was TIM that would keep the home cheese burning, cheese tied around a old oak tree to say, in his own way "Yes! Yes it is my child too who fights for the glory of cheese! My sacrifice is your cheese! Give me cheese or give me death! I regret that I have but one cheese to Give for my country! Sing along!

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the cheese
It is cheddar that I like because the bel paese makes me sneeze
But the Roquefort and the Swiss bring all the limburger to brie!
The cheese is muenster on!

This has gotten entirely out of hand. We end this WWW page now. We apologize once again for all the cheese.

Text by Sketch the Art Cow. HTML aid provided by Empedocles the Ash Ock.