How is TinyTIM associated with Tiny Tim?

To tell the truth, not a whole lot. When TinyTIM was founded in 1990, we chose the name because the vast majority of MUDs up at that time were using the naming convention of "Tiny-" and a name. (For example, TinyMUD, TinyHELL, etc.) and we were started as a parody of these places. TinyTIM could refer to the singer or to the Charles Dickens character, but either way it was "funny."

Time passed, of course, and it was inevitable we would learn more about the singer, and while TinyTIM itself still doesn't make a big fuss or hullabaloo about Tiny, we did start to gain a real understanding of the man and his work in this world. A couple of the wizards even met him at one point, at a concert he gave in Boston. This meeting inspired a eulogy upon his sad passing in 1996.

If you've come looking for information on the gentleman, feel free to check out the official Tiny Tim Site run by his widow, Miss Sue.

We're always willing to add more Tiny Tim related sites here; send mail to if you have some.