The Layout of the Help Facility

The TinyTIM Help Facility is constructed as a set of interrelated pages, each page covering a specific subject. The subjects include programming, programming concepts, and general TinyTIM Lore and Culture information. This new WWW interface actually builds HTML files from the plain-text Help files on the fly (more wizardry from the already wizardly Empedocles). Since the Help files weren't really designed for this, there may be occasional strangenesses about the rendered version. If so, you can always see the boring, plain-text version, so don't panic! (this means you, in the back. Don't think I didn't see you starting to panic.)

The most technical pages are the ones covering TinyTIM programming commands (also known as Commands, @Commands, and Functions), which consist of an explanatory paragraph, one or more examples, and perhaps even a jibe or a pleasant chide. These pages usually cross-reference lots of other pages as well.

For additional help, there are indexes of groups of related programming commands, so that you're not hunting around trying to see what matches with what, or finding out the hard way the differences between @Listen and @Sound.

There are concept pages, which cover general programming concepts, such as creating rooms or objects, or customizing the programming environment. They also discuss many aspects of TinyTIM Culture, such as what The Clock On the Wall is and how to tell good espresso.

The best starting place would be at the main screen, which has all the sub-headings neatly laid out for you.

Or head back to the main Help page or get started searching.

Text by Sketch the Art Cow. HTML aid provided by Empedocles the Ash Ock.